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If you like your students to think of the "big question" when you are studying a unit, then voicethread is one tool you will find extremely helpful. The whole idea behind a voicethread is to get your students asking the "big questions" and prompting conversations to take place from those who view their voicethread presentation. A little planning from you and your students can help create a meaningful learning experience for people around the globe.

The following site will give you a great step-by-step to follow in order to use this in your classroom.

Flip Cam

Flip Cam Ideas--http://www.wbrschools.net/technology/summer2009/Movie%20Making/Using%20FLIP%20Cameras%20in%20Your%20Classroomx.pdf
Flip Camera and Marzano Strategies--http://blogs.vusd.org/Flip/?p=61
Flip Editing Tools--http://sites.google.com/site/srahn/Home/flip


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